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Welcome to the Exeter Decolonising Network (EDN) collective space for writing, thinking and sharing matters related to decolonial and antiracist praxis within and beyond the academy.

Our survival, our humanity, our worldview and language, our imagination and spirit, our very place in the world depends on our capacity to act for ourselves, to engage in the world and the actions of our colonizers, to face them head on.” 

Linda Tuhiwai Smith



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The Exeter Decolonising Network (EDN) is a collective of staff, students and community members affiliated to the University of Exeter. Our Network members collaborate across the Exeter and Southwest area to advance progressive knowledge and best practice around decolonial thoughts through dialogue, activities and events within and beyond university. Through this work, EDN aims to develop multiple forms of knowledge, teaching, learning and research grounded in emancipatory and liberatory practices.

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We use this space to engage, reflect on and [un]learn different ideas and perspectives on decoloniality and anti-racism within and beyond the academy. The Network welcomes submissions around these themes. If you would like to submit you work or discuss an idea, please get in touch. We welcome creative, visual and non-conventional ways of disseminating knowledge in different languages (Arabic, French, English, Urdu, Kabyle, Sign language(s)). 

Understanding the Mixed experience: exploring terms and widening perspectives

by Anthony Lynch Introduction If you know me at all, you know that I talk a lot about the mixed experience. Obviously, being mixed, I gain personal satisfaction from exploring my everyday experiences. However, I don’t just write about the mixed experience for trauma-dumping and identity-formulating purposes. As the mixed population continues to increase, you […]

Reflection on Adoption and Mixed-Race Experiences

Introduction This piece explores the effect of mixed-race heritage and adoption on a person’s identity. Three anonymous authors have contributed to the work, each with varying intersections between these two experiences. These are: • Adopted, not mixed-race, and raised in a family who look visibly different to themselves• Adopted, mixed-race, and raised in a family […]

In Solidarity with Palestine

An Open Letter by staff at the University of Exeter We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people as they face continuing bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces, dispossession in Sheikh Jarrah by settlers and the Israeli state, and the brutality of coordinated violent assaults within ‘48 Palestine. We also stand […]

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We use this space to feature some of the inspiring creative endeavours that students and staff affiliated to our Network are engaging in. We are always looking to showcase more of work, so if please contact us if you’d like to see your work featured.

Creative Switch Exeter is an initiative set up by EDN Student Fellow Hanife Hursit, in collaboration with Andrea de Jong. They challenge, both aesthetically and creatively, the predominantly white spaces of Exeter student theatre and arts. They aim to create a diverse creative network and promote inclusivity within Guild-affiliated creative societies, as well as to give these individuals a space to express themselves freely. Click on the images to visit the Creative Switch website, where you can also find a link to their Instagram account.

The text on this image reads: The Roots Resistance. The quote reads: "Our histories never unfold in isolation. We cannot truly tell what we consider to be our own histories without knwoing the other stories. And often we discover that those other stories are actually our own stories." by Angela Davis in Freedom is Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Pelstine, and the Foundations of a Movement

The Roots Resistance

“We are here to challenge the dominant waves of knowledge production in spaces that weren’t made for us, by making a space of our own.”

The Roots Resistance is a student-led initiative that amplifies the voices of people of colour and their allies. Set up by EDN Student Fellows Asha and Clara, the Roots Resistance focuses on the possibilities of art as transformative expression. The initiative is built on the foundations of collective dialogue and collective care, from the university community to the wider global community. Click on the image to visit their website.

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Who we are

The Exeter Decolonising Network is a network of Exeter staff, students and community organisations who foreground scholarship and practical ideas when exploring decolonisation. We organise research events, student-led activities, critical discussions and develop learning content through exploratory practice and different modes of communication to increase impact locally, nationally and internationally.


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