Asha Ali

Hi, I’m Asha, a third year Middle Eastern Studies student. I am a mature student, I started my quest for education in 2015. Prior to coming to University, I worked at Dartington Social Research Unit, as an Innovation Specialist, at my time there I co-founded a social enterprise called 3Hadvisor (3H), the aim of 3H was to shift power balance, making services accountable to the young people that they served, moving away from systematic model and putting relationships at the core. This year I am part of ‘The Roots Resistance’, a multimedia platform that seeks to not only challenge the established norms but also highlights the multitude of talents held by BIPOC at the university and beyond! Academically, I am interested in looking at anti-blackness and racism within the Muslim community, looking at the multilayers of racism faced by Black Muslims in the U.K.

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